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Advice and guidance on you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud, including internet scams, credit card fraud and identity theft.

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E-training modules deal with internal and external fraud awareness, easily tailored to your organisation’s needs and policies and raise the standard of awareness amongst staff.

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Welcome to BFraudAware – a web site dedicated to the reduction of fraud

Theft, deception, forgery, corruption, false accounting … fraud at all levels is a fact of business and personal life today.

Fraud is not to do with other people. It could be taking place in your life or organisation at this very moment, depriving you of hard-won profits or even your identity. Fraud is everywhere – a report by the Association of Chief Police Officers estimates the cost of fraud in the UK in 2007 at a disturbing £20 billion.

But how can you tell whether you’re under siege by the fraudsters? And where might an attack be coming from? From outside? Or from within?

Fraudsters are cunning. Most of the time you won’t even know they’re at work defrauding you or your business until your accountants tell you. And by then it’s too late – your hard-earned revenue will have already been siphoned off. To discourage fraudsters you must protect yourself. You must get smart. You must discourage fraudsters so that they try elsewhere.

The perfect early warning system for fighting fraud

BfraudAware is an ingenious program of e-learning resources to help you successfully combat the threat of fraud. Simple to implement and highly cost-effective, it will show you how to tackle fraud inside and outside your business. BfraudAware can be tailored precisely to your own individual needs. It will show you how to fine-tune your business systems and train your staff to be more alert and watchful.

So begin to fight back now. Protect yourself with BfraudAware: contact us for more details.


Latest News

23 May 2008
Vodafone Spain has entrusted BFraudAware to develop an online fraud awareness course.